scooping throw

In Sukui-nage (scooping throw), Uke is grasped by the thighs and lifted, then thrown (scooped) over Tori’s thigh backwards.

  • Sleeve-lapel grip in Ai-yotsu.
  • Tori can, for example, feint a left Ippon-seoi-nage to induce a reaction from Uke.
  • Tori uses Uke's reaction (hip block) to slide behind Uke and establish close contact.
  • Tori reaches around the front for Uke's left leg and from the side with his right hand behind Uke's right leg.
  • Tori schiebt seine Hüfte nach vorne-oben und wirft mit einer Körperdrehung Uke mit den Händen nach hintenTori pushes his hips forward-up and throws Uke backward with a body turn using his hands.



(scooping throw)

Technique description

Tori holds the back of both of Uke’s thighs from the right side of Uke’s back with both hands, breaks his balance directly back, scoops him up toward the rear, and drops him. Tori can also scoop Uke up by holding him with the right hand inserted between Uke’s thighs. Similar techniques are covered below.


Sukui-nage-scooping Uke’s thighs up from behind, Tori and Uke grapple in right natural posture. Tori steps back with his right foot, then his left foot, then his right foot again, pulls Uke forward, breaking his balance, and comes to a halt. At this moment, Tori assumes a left defensive posture while pressing Uke’s upper body down with both hands.


Uke, being pulled, steps forward with his left foot, then right foot, then left foot again, holds his ground, and, resisting Tori’s pulling action, begins to return to a stable posture.


At this point, Tori lessens the pulling action of both hands, so that Uke straightens up and begins to step back with his left foot. At this moment, Tori quickly lowers his body while stepping his right foot outside Uke’s right foot. At the same time, he releases the left hand and inserts it onto the front of Uke’s abdomen, opens his body to the right by pivoting on the right foot, round to Uke’s rear, and steps his left foot inside and behind Uke’s left heel. He lowers his waist and puts his left hand on Uke’s left rear thigh, releases the right hand and puts it on Uke’s right rear thigh, then he holds Uke’s lower body deep with both hands. While raising his upper body, Tori pulls Uke’s body up with both hands and lifts him directly toward the rear, breaking his balance. At this moment, Tori moves his left front thigh tight against Uke’s right buttock, and loads Uke’s buttocks onto his left thigh.


Tori pushes out his waist, and, bending backwards, swings Uke’s body up while scooping up his legs with both hands, and, twisting to the left, throws him to the rear.

Key points

At the moment he scoops up, tori straightens both knees, bends his upper body back, and swings uke’s lower body up with his front waist, twisting to the left, and swings uke to the rear and down. This is the original form of sukui-nage, which has been used since old times.


At the moment uke is stepping back with his left foot in order to return to a stable posture (the moment he supports his body with the right leg), tori steps his right foot to the side of uke’s right foot, and steps his left foot in behind uke. It is important for tori to maneuver his body quickly as well. Tori must move his body tight against uke’s back at the moment he holds uke’s rear thighs with both hands, or he will not be able to scoop him up properly.


In a similar technique to sukui-nage, tori turns and ichi. He steps his left foot in behind uke’s left heel, and enters behind uke using the principles described in sono. At the moment it touches the heel, he moves tight into uke’s left armpit, and pushes up, pushing uke to the rear, breaking his balance, while dropping directly back to throw him.


Throwing by dropping backward is a yoko-sutemi-waza principle. Thus, this technique becomes tani-otoshi, as tori remains standing in sukui-nage after executing the throw.

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